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iPhone / iPad applications

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Benefit from the considerable development of iPhone / iPad applications!

The smartphone market, especially the iPhone / iPad one, is now booming!
The iPhone / iPad has become a must, television, Internet and in all media. It is now seen as a way to sell the same as an online shop on the web.

In the first quarter 2011, the 43.5 million French (aged 11 and over) who own a mobile phone near a user on three (31.4%) has a smartphone is a growth of 300% compared to the year 2009 according to the study Mobile Consumer Insight (MCI).

The development of smartphones to the general public is related in large part to the popularity of mobile applications. Indeed, 5.5 million users have downloaded at least one application for their mobile in the first quarter of 2011 according to Médiamétrie.

PEEL, specializing in creating online shops on the Internet now offers the creation of iPhone and iPad. It should allow you, as is already certainly some of your competitors, enhance your reputation and make your iPhone / iPad an additional source of income. We use development tools adaptable to suit your requirements, your marketing strategy and your budget.

You certainly ask questions on the subject, and we try to answer them below:

- What is the purpose of an application Iphone / Iphone?

The idea is to increase its profile, target and capture new customer segments, to create additional income and provide a mobile service

- What is the budget required for an application Iphone / Iphone?
From € 5,000 it is possible to create a simple iPhone application navigation. Very complex projects can lead to a cost of tens of thousands of euros

- What time of making an application?
This will depend on the size of the project. It takes on average 4 to 6 weeks (excluding time-out response to Apple for validation of an application that usually takes several days depending on the type of application submitted)

- What is the programming language used for iPhone apps?
The programming on the iPhone / iPad is done in Objective-C. In addition, the mobile operating system developed by Apple for the iPhone / iPad is IOS

- What is the commission taken by Apple on paid apps in Apple Store?
You have a choice in choosing the price of downloading your application, knowing that Apple charges a 30% commission

- How to submit an application in Apple Store?
After submitting your application by Apple your application will be available in the Apple Store. The presence in the tops of applications AppsStore of optimizations and is independent of the creation of the application

You already have an online shop PEEL SHOPPING or not you plan to make your iPhone / iPad, do not hesitate a moment and contact us to discuss the +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97 or via our contact form.