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PEEL Premium module

199,00 excl. VAT

A PEEL PREMIUM module is what you need to launch a complete PEEL SHOPPING online store!

A PEEL Premium module  will increase your sales by getting a set of features not found in the PEEL SHOPPING free version.

These features that make the PEEL Premium module will complement you PEEL SHOPPING online store and make unique a complete and professional online shop for you and your customers.

USers who purchase the PEEL PREMIUM module can then benefit from PEEL Premium free updates for the next 12 months following the date of purchase, with no extra charge. The download of the corresponding version of  PEEL SHOPPING will also be necessary at such time.

You can, through our demonstration website access the back office of a PEEL SHOPPING + module PEEL Premium  online shop, using the following access: / demo

Discover examples of websites created from PEEL SHOPPING with its PEEL Premium module.

If you need more information about PEEL Premium module please call us at +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97 or contact us by means of our contact form or use our F.A.Q. page.

PEEL Premium module, which is grafted to the PEEL SHOPPING software, contains the following features:

- Affiliation
- Sponsorship
- Sending promotional codes to users based on birthdays or best customers
- Ability to offer products, according to a number of points accumulated
- Backup cart
- Promotion by category, by brand
- Export to buyer's guide
- Offer products for download
- Duplication of products
- Generation of PDF invoices
- Module FAQ
- Gift cards
- Creation of user groups, and allocation of promotions to these groups
- Lexicon
- Quantity discounts batch
- Margin calculation module
- Micro entreprise mode
- Creating of picking list
- Resellers module (BtoB)
- Inventory Management
- Sales statistics
- URL Rewriting
- Disclaimer

Once you have ordered a PEEL Premium module, we will send you a .zip file by email containing a PHP script to install on your serveur and to include to PEEL SHOPPING 6.4.

If you are not developer,  we can install the PEEL Premium module to your online shop with the Serenity Pack.

If you would like more information on the PEEL Premium module, please contact us at +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97 or by email via our contact form.

tableau comparatif ecommerce PEEL
Hosting (3 month offered)      
Online catalogue      
Display of the selling price of a product (Flash sales prices and resellers prices) incl VAT or excl. VAT depending on the store configuration      
Installation of your online store      
Management of VAT rates and other taxes      
Products update in real time      
Unlimited number of products      
Unlimited number of rubriques      
BtoB Module : Possibility to sell a products at different rates than the retail price      
Alphabetical classification or personalized classification of categories, sub-categories and products      
Ability to sell downloadable files (mp3, photos, PDF, ZIP videos)      
Ability to disable a product without deleting it from the back office      
Not available product mangement and information about their availability      
Transfer and automatic resizing of images on the server      
Magic zoom to highlight your product's pictures      
Possibility to have several pictures for one product      
Display management of product pictures by colors      
Ability to add options to various products. Options management with an impact on prices.      
Option "forward the page to a friend" on every product pages      
Option "give your opinion" on every product pages      
Option « memory reminder » on every product pages      
Upscale text editor to describe your products      
Automatic price updates range by range      
Text and products disposal management on the home page      
Possibility to put links towards others websites      
Implementation of promotions article by article      

Implementation of promotions by categories

Discount mangement according to quantities      
Price display according to weight (Kg) and volume (L)      
Cross-selling module and complementary products suggestions      
Inventory management by color and size criterias      
2 languages available: French and English- for other languages please contact us      
Possibility to offer the shipping costs      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total weight of the order      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total amount of the order      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery area      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery method (Unlimited number)      
Possibility to offer the shipping costs if the order encompasses more than N products      
Reception of automatic email after orders and confirmation to clients      
Possibility for the client to follow an order via colissimo      
Client accounts back up and the possibility of consulting each record      
Detailed overview of each customer orders      
Back up copy of customers orders on the server      
Automatic notification when the order status of a customer changes      
Invoices and delivery notes edition in PDF format      
Possibility for the customer to find his orders from his account      
Ability to create order from the administrative interface      
Orders recovery system when there is no return of the banking system      
Possibility to edit the terms of sale from the back office      
Content management module      
Contact form generator      
FAQ module      
Content export to major price comparison website      
Analysis tools for turn over evolution and repartition      
Advanced tools for SEO: meta tags management, Sitemap for Google and Yahoo      
URL rewriting      
Affilition management module      
Sponsorship module      
Promotional codes generation module in % and value      
Discount management by products      
Discount management by product groups      
Discount management by customers      
Discount management by customer groups      
Gift points management      
Loyalty gift cards (promotional codes in value)      
Flash sales      
Advertizing banners management      
Unlimited content pages creation      

The features integrated into the PEEL SHOPPING solution, sold without hosting and requiring computer development skills, is marketed under the name PREMIUM module at a fixed rate of 199 € excl. VAT.

The version including a substantial support from us, such as a training session on how to use PEEL software, the integration of credit card payment interface and Paypal, hosting and domain name booking is commercialized under the name SERENITY pack at a fied rate of 699 € excl. VAT.

You can also, if you want, choose to use an existing graphic webdesign (you already have, you are able to make, or that you you have bought on a specialized website) and still benefit from our ecommerce solution by paying the graphic integration of that specific design for a total price of 1 290excl. VAT (standard design) or 1 490excl. VAT (upscale design).

Finallly, we offer a SERENITY pack version that includes a tailored graphic design conception for a total price of 1 995€ excl. VAT (standard graphic creation) or 2 485€ excl. VAT (upscale graphic creation).

This document is an extension of the Terms of Use section presented on the following page

This license intends to define the terms and conditions under which Advisto proposes to use the Software version and pay modules such as PEEL PREMIUM to enable the user to commercialize his products, services or information on the Internet and 'allow or not the payment via the network.

Using the PEEL software:

Unless explicitly allowed by Advisto, software or any item provided under the Contract is subject to the application of this License, including, but are not limited to, PEEL PREMIUM software, digital images and pictures, documentation and, where appropriate, all upgrades, modified versions, updates and additions.

Advisto has the right to modify the software, change options, change features, specifications, capabilities, and all other features of the software without notifying the User.

Advisto grants the User a unique license to use PEEL's software on the basis of a single domain and its mirror websites given when signing the order order.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing from Advisto, the user is given no right to copy or use the software on a computer other than the stated servers names when signing the order form.

If the user wishes to distribute the software on more than one carrier, he must first obtain permission from Advisto, either by opening a partner contract , or by purchasing software licenses.

Intellectual and / or industrial Property:

The present license is not a sale contract for a PEEL software. It involves no transfer of intellectual or industrial property rights related to a PEEL software.

All material related to the implementation of the PEEL software (including software, source code, applications, expertise, etc..) is and will remain the exclusive property of Advisto who keeps the right to use them for the use of his choice.
Therefore, the user agrees not to distribute the software PEEL under any form without the written permission of Advisto. Users must not distribute any part of the source code associated with the PEEL software to third parties.

The user must not undertake any act likely to infringe, directly or indirectly, intellectual property rights (and in particular to trademark rights) PEEL software and third party software partners. These trademarks of other companies included in the PEEL software sould be used in accordance with normal practice in the field regarding the identification of trademak's owners. These marks are used to identify products by other companies in the software PEEL and such use does not confer to the user any ownership rights over the trademark in question. Software or third party components, delivered and associated to PEEL, such as trademarks and logos of third parties remain the property of the latter.

The User does not acquire ownership in any way, know-how, technology developed by Advisto on the context of this Agreement, but only a non-exclusive right to use.

This contract does not grant you any intellectual property rights on PEEL software.

Transfer of Ownership:

The user is not authorized to rent, lease, grant a sublicense or lend the PEEL software or service. The rights of use of PEEL  services can never be sold to a third party wether it is for free or not, and can not be resold and / or subleased. The user could, however, transfer all its rights of use related to another person or entity in line with a cession of the Contract which must first be approved by PEEL.

PEEL reserves the right to assign or transfer to a third party this contract after informing the user who is forced to accept.

Restricted Rights:

Any software available for download from this server is protected by PEEL copyright and / or its suppliers. Use of the Software is governed by the terms of this contract. The end user must accept the terms of the License Agreement prior to install the software.

The software is available for download solely for end users and under the terms of this License Agreement. Any reproduction or redistribution of the Software that does not respect the terms of the License Agreement is expressly prohibited by law. Anyone not complying with the legal provisions is guilty of forgery and is liable to penalties prescribed by law.


Content of the offer:

The commercial offer of the software includes:

a) The delivery of software developments in PEEL software "brick"
b) The installation of software components on your server according to the required technical prerequisites
c) Unrestricted access to the source codes
d) A front office: the public part accessible from the public Internet
e) A back office: interface creation, administration and management
e) Free access to the support by the forum at


The product is designed and offered as a product for general use and is not maid to address the particular needs of any user. The user acknowledges that the product is not free of mistakes an, it is therefore formally recommended by Advisto to regularly back up his files.

Provided that the user has a valid license, PEEL guarantees:

a) how the product will be conform  to the description written on website for a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the software,
c) Advisto 's technical depatment staff will make a reasonable effort to resolve any reasonable problems regarding the Software,
d) If the the product does not conform to this warranty, PEEL reserves the right to repair or replace the Software,
e) Knowing that PEEL fully opens its software source code, no refund procedure shall be instituted without having PEEL trying to repair or replace the software within the description provided on the website peel. fr.

You acknowledge that the following warranty is your sole guarantee for all product and support services.

Modification and financial terms

PEEL has the right to modify its rates and "Terms of Service PEEL" informing the user via the website

The User pays its software under the terms defined on the invoice or order form.

PEEL reserves the right to unilaterally break the contract by giving 15 days after the first presentation of the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt advising the break in the case of reorganization or liquidation under the conditions provided by the Act of January 25, 1985.

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