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Serenity Pack

699,00 excl. VAT

From 699 € excl VAT only, benefit from a turnkey online shop, simple to use!

This complete offer includes:

- PEEL SHOPPING 7.2 installation with a module Premium module
- Free hosting of your online store for 3 months
- Domain name included for the first year with your personalized email adresses
- Phone and email support
- Setting up of your shop to be fully operational
- Credit card payment module installation from the bank of you choice (French bank) and Paypal
- Support for export of your products catalogue to the price engines

You are professional and we know that your time is precious: Spend your time implementating the business strategy that will maximize your sales! We will do the rest.

Do not hesitate to trust us to launch your ecommerce quickly and start to sell your produts or services on the internet. As publishers of the PEEL SHOPPING ecommerce solution, you should know that we are the best service provider to assist you in implementing your online store project on the web.

For more information and define the offer that best suits your needs please call us at +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97, contact us by means of our contact form or use our F.A.Q. page.

Discover examples of online stores created from PEEL SHOPPING with its PEEL Premium module.

Our team provides you with a real added value based on a professional support in the course of the implementation of your ecommerce project. This training and support services sets us apart from most of our competitors.

This proximity with our customers and our qualitative approach of our services should make a difference in choosing your service provider, because this is what will make you quickly successful in managing your online store. 

We undertake all the production aspects of your online shop : we receive our customers in our office prior to sign the contract, implement a serious project management plan, we train our customers to use thir back office and provide them with a quality monitoring throughout their shops life span  (webmastering, technical maintenance , etc.).

For customizing the look of yout PEEL SHOPPING online store (with the PEEL Premium module), we offer you two options:

- Our graphic designer is responsible for the design and integration of your graphic design tailored to your criteria and reference websites (so you can validate each steps in the graphic conception). 
- Our technical department is only responsible for the integration of your graphic design / template to  your PEEL SHOPPING online store (with PEEL Premium module) from a template or a tailored graphci design that you have provided us with beforehand

The cost structure of this services is defined below:

- Graphic design integration: 599 EUR excl. VAT (standard design) OR 1 499 EUR excl. VAT (upscale graphic design)
- Graphic design creation: 699 EUR excl. VAT  (standard design) OR 1 499 EUR excl. VAT (upscale graphic design)

Regarding the hosting of your online store, you are free to decide whether you want your website to be hosted on one of our dedicated servers or hosted by another hosting service provider. 

In the case you chosse the first options (hosting on our servers) this service will cost you 29.99 EUR excl. VAT / month.

Below are some questions you may asked yourself:

What is the PEEL Premium module ?
PEEL Premium moduel is the set of prossional features that allow you to manage your online store easily and efficiently, whatever industry you are working in. It brings substantial improvment to your free PEEL SHOPPING online store.

What idoes URLs rewriting means ?
It allows you to optimize your store SEO in search engines and directories. This function transforms a PHP link to HTML link. It is essential to optimize your traffic and thus sales. 

Which browsers are our gaphic design integration compatible with ? 
Our test are done with internet Explorer 7 and beyond, and Firefox 3.0 and beyond. The compatibility of our integrations over all other browsers will lead to billing.

What is the actual cost of the solution the second year ?
The cost of a PEEL SHOPPING solution (with a Premium module) is 359,88 € excl VAT / year. These fees only apply if you chosse to host your onlien store on one of our dedicated servers.

Discover a selection of ecommerce stores using our PEEL SHOPPING technical solution with the PEEL Premium module. 

The features integrated into the PEEL SHOPPING solution, sold without hosting and requiring computer development skills, is marketed under the name PREMIUM module at a fixed rate of 199 € excl. VAT.

The version including a substantial support from us, such as a training session on how to use PEEL software, the integration of credit card payment interface and Paypal, hosting and domain name booking is commercialized under the name SERENITY pack at a fied rate of 699 € excl. VAT.

You can also, if you want, choose to use an existing graphic webdesign (you already have, you are able to make, or that you you have bought on a specialized website) and still benefit from our ecommerce solution by paying the graphic integration of that specific design for a total price of 1 298 excl. VAT (standard design) or 2 198 excl. VAT (upscale design).

Finallly, we offer a SERENITY pack that includes a tailored graphic design conception for a total price of 1 997  € excl VAT (Standard graphic creation) or 3 697 € excl. VAT (upscale graphic creation).

tableau comparatif ecommerce PEEL
Hosting (3 month offered)    
Online catalogue
Display of the selling price of a product (Flash sales prices and resellers prices) incl VAT or excl. VAT depending on the store configuration
Installation of your online store    
Management of VAT rates and other taxes
Products update in real time
Unlimited number of products
Unlimited number of rubriques
BtoB Module : Possibility to sell a products at different rates than the retail price  
Alphabetical classification or personalized classification of categories, sub-categories and products
Ability to sell downloadable files (mp3, photos, PDF, ZIP videos)  
Ability to disable a product without deleting it from the back office
Not available product mangement and information about their availability  
Transfer and automatic resizing of images on the server  
Magic zoom to highlight your product's pictures
Possibility to have several pictures for one product
Display management of product pictures by colors
Ability to add options to various products. Options management with an impact on prices.  
Option "forward the page to a friend" on every product pages
Option "give your opinion" on every product pages  
Option « memory reminder » on every product pages  
Upscale text editor to describe your products  
Automatic price updates range by range  
Text and products disposal management on the home page
Possibility to put links towards others websites  
Implementation of promotions article by article  

Implementation of promotions by categories

Discount mangement according to quantities  
Price display according to weight (Kg) and volume (L)
Cross-selling module and complementary products suggestions  
Inventory management by color and size criterias  
2 languages available: French and English- for other languages please contact us  
Possibility to offer the shipping costs
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total weight of the order
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total amount of the order  
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery area
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery method (Unlimited number)
Possibility to offer the shipping costs if the order encompasses more than N products
Reception of automatic email after orders and confirmation to clients
Possibility for the client to follow an order via colissimo
Client accounts back up and the possibility of consulting each record
Detailed overview of each customer orders
Back up copy of customers orders on the server  
Automatic notification when the order status of a customer changes  
Invoices and delivery notes edition in PDF format
Possibility for the customer to find his orders from his account
Ability to create order from the administrative interface  
Orders recovery system when there is no return of the banking system  
Possibility to edit the terms of sale from the back office
Content management module
Contact form generator  
FAQ module  
Content export to major price comparison website  
Analysis tools for turn over evolution and repartition  
Advanced tools for SEO: meta tags management, Sitemap for Google and Yahoo  
URL rewriting  
Affilition management module  
Sponsorship module  
Promotional codes generation module in % and value
Discount management by products
Discount management by product groups  
Discount management by customers  
Discount management by customer groups  
Gift points management  
Loyalty gift cards (promotional codes in value)  
Flash sales  
Advertizing banners management  
Unlimited content pages creation