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Questions :

What does the SERENITY PACK includes exactly?

The Serenity Pack includes:

- Domain name for 1 year
- Hosting of your online shop for 3 months
- FTP access to source codes of PEEL Premium module
- Installation of the credit card payment module from the bank of your choice (you must open the contract with your bank beforehand)
- URL rewriting

This pack costs 699€ excl.VAT.

Why you should use PEEL SHOPPING rather than Prestashop, Virtuemart or Magento?

We have tried out all the solutions like Prestashop, Virtuemart, Magento and others. We came to the conclusion that it is always the same, you have to start by learning the language of the application prior to develop your website with this solutions. Balance: you loose months to understand how to structure a particular subject, how does the language of loops works, etc. .. required development skills that 95% of webmasters do not really master in general.

PEEL SHOPPING has an advantage over these solutions. Peel has native PHP code does not contain overlay application which prevents understanding.
PEEL SHOPPING certainly does not includes the best and most efficient tools available on the market, but contains almost all the requirements of online trading.

Your prices seem very attractive, how are you able to offer such low prices?

PEEL was launched as an entirely free ecommerce solution in 2003 and then moved on to paid offerings from mid-2004. Those who followed us knows that we do not charge prohibitive rates but rates that correspond to a defined benefit. More than 10 years of activity have allowed us to gain experience and share among members a lot of development.

Our offer is based on a complete knowledge of the code that is provided to you because we are the authors. This control over the code allows us to save precious time in our development expenses. Similarly we consolidate all the developments made over the past 3 years. This gives us one of the richest script library on the market. Finally we design our technologies around our customers in order to meet their functional needs. This allows us to make a number of generic developments based on the ones we have done for our customers. This generic module developpements allows us to have production costs among the lowest in the market.
Every month we test new hosting solutions in terms of bandwidth and responsiveness. In our opinion, for the past 5 years OVH seems to be  the best partner for our online stores. We choose high-capacity dedicated servers  to dampen our operating costs.
Finally we are aware of the importance of marketing and communication strategies in launching a profitable online shop and thus intent to control the developement expenses to preserve the profitabilty of your projet .

A PEEL Premium module that we charge 199€ excl. VAT sometimes generates about 150 000€ excl. VAT turnover after 1 year of activity only. The product, people, ideas and marketing are the main variables of your projects. We can help you develop the right strategies to increase your online sales.

What is a shared customer support?

These are projects where you manage your online store independently without using resources provided by PEEL. Technical support and answers to your questions are handled by our forum and our entire community.
You get operational scripts on the date of delivery as well as correction for any bugs encountered. However, you can only ask for modifications or adaptation of display modules through our technical forum.

What is a dedicated customer support?

These are projects where you manage your online store independently but with the help of developers PEEL.FR. You have a single point of contact for all your queries. We advise you on how to significantly increase your sales and turnover.
Your project is tailored-made with regard to both your visual identity and the consistency of your offer. Profitability is substantially increased after a few months of use.

How to modify the content of the e-mail automatically sent to a customer after an order?

All emails sent by PEEL Shopping are generated from templates that you can freely edit in your back-office. Thus, you do not need to edit PHP files or language files to customize your client communication.

How to get the PayPal module and install it on my PEEL SHOPPING version?

The Paypal module is activated by default. You just need to configure your Paypal account's email in the global site configuration page in your back-office, and everything will work immediately.

How to quickly copy a product in the back office?

After having inserted a product in the administration interface, press F5 on your keyboard, the page will be updated and the product duplicated in the database.

Do PEEL and OS Commerce have something in common?

No PEEL SHOPPING is an owned application developed from scratch, with a shopping cart owner class.
PEEL SHOPPING is a complete php native solution whose source code is easily read by any PHP / MySQL developer.

What type of servers are used for PEEL SHOPPING online stores?

PEEL SHOPPING online stores hosting rely on dedicated servers rented from OVH.
Software: PHP 5.5 in php-fpm mode and MySQL 5.6
Processor: BiXéons 2 * 8 = 16 hearts hearts
RAM: 128 GB
Disc type: double SSD for the system + 1 000 GB RAID 1 (Data Security: 2 discs mirrors)
Bandwidth: 2 * 1 Gbps
OS: CentOS 5.6
Admin panel: DirectAdmin

Is PEEL Shopping a complete or partial trial version?

PEEL SHOPPING is a complete script that allows you to create an e-commerce shop for free.
Simply download PEL SHOPPING from the following page

Can I use PEEL SHOPPING as an unbranded label?

Yes, insofar as we give you access to all the source code, you can modify the code and therefore the logos. Nevertheless, a boutique that has deleted all references to PEEL SHOPPING will not be highlighted on our website and will get less development support in the medium term.

Can I resell PEEL SHOPPING with a PEEL Premium module?

Yes, it is possible to resell PEEL SHOPPING with a PEEL Premium module on the basis of a single shop per module. Beyond that, you must be a member of our reseller program. This program entitles you to discounts on every license from the first one you buy.

What does PEEL mean?

In 2003, Peel was called "Petite Entreprise En Ligne" which means "My little business," with time "My small business" has become "my small business online."

PEEL is the acronym since June 2004.

What are the technical prerequisites to use PEEL SHOPPING?

The minimum required server-side:
PHP Version 5.2 +
MySQL version 4.1+
phpMyAdmin version 2.2.6+
Web server: Apache 2
Operating System: Linux / UNIX preferably

I ordered and paid for my transaction, but did not receive a confirmation of payment, why?

Once your order is confirmed and paid, you will receive a confirmation email  that tells you that your order has been taken into consideration. 24 to 96 hours later (average time) yopu will receive by mail the files to download, each order is indeed validated by the webmaster of PEEL.

Warning: credit card payment modules, SEO and prices comparison websites solutions are not delivered by email. You will be asked to provide us with your FTP settings and Mysql so that we can directly install the module ordered.
We obviously keep such information confidential. These informations will only be used for a specific purpose such as module installations and technical support. To avoid any confusion, we advise the customer to change this access information to his account once the installation is complete.
We are not responsible for bad hardware or software on the client side or server side as well as problems related to  obsolete hardware or software.
Before you purchase anything, make sure your hosting is compatible with the minimum requirements above.