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Store online update

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Take advantage of the strengths of the current version of PEEL SHOPPING to increase your business efficiency on the web!

You have an online shop created with an old version of PEEL SHOPPING?
It is time for you to update your online store in the migrant on the latest version of PEEL SHOPPING. You'll enjoy all the improvements on it.

Specifically it allows you to enjoy:
- A new overview: the latest version of PEEL SHOPPING is a modern ergonomic point of view. While keeping the ease of use that made the success of previous versions, this latest version will switch your shop in the world of web 2.0
- Adding many new features: many new features in both front office back office so you can enjoy a full ecommerce site
- The optimization of the code in favor of a better ranking on search engines: restructured, factored and commented, the code of the latest version of PEEL SHOPPING actually a reliable, flexible and fast

You will find below the testimony received from a PEEL SHOPPING user has recently updated its online store

"I'm really very happy with version 8 of PEEL SHOPPING, the back office management module is very powerful and offers possibilities really interesting, both loyalty (I used the promo code module / birthday this afternoon to test and ten responded to the mail client automatically thanking me ;-), as order management (changes directly in the controls, creation of commands related to articles and accounts receivable with the option to change settings including the price / article), a real time saver and allows especially to eliminate errors associated with manual management. Really well done!"

So you will gain in efficiency in the daily management of your shop and your interactions with your customers.

Contact us on +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97 or email using our quote request form to discuss the migration of your shop on the latest version PEEL SHOPPING.