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PEEL Shopping

PEEL Shopping NEW VERSION 9 has been released!

Discover now PEEL SHOPPING, the free open source solution of PEEL currently in version 9. You can download and install it on any server PHP / MySQL. This offer allows you to make a safety ecommerce store on any web hosting space.

With PEEL SHOPPING, put your products online 24/24h with a complete administration interface, simple to use and completely free. You can try PEEL SHOPPING on our demonstration website You can also use the following account to access to the administration of this website:
- Login:
- Password: demo

Discover examples of websites created from PEEL SHOPPING.

ATTENTION: PEEL SHOPPING is a very complete ecommerce solution, therefore complex and intented for experienced developers. If you want / need a complete support in creating your online shop, we advise you to choose the Serenity Pack.

For more information and define the offer that best suits your needs please call us at +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97, contact us by means of our contact form or use our FAQ page.

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Free download

The features of PEEL SHOPPING 9 are:

General Features:

- Interface Administrator to manage secure all aspects of the online shop
- Content Management System built (admin)
- Management of multiple VAT rates
- Virtual Caddie allows visitors to add or remove products from their cart
- Management of multiple text boxes manageable home page and other areas of the site
- Management of banner ads (multiple locations)
- Ability to manage the Google Adsense banners
- Content Management Module (unlimited number of pages)
- Search engine
- Module for generating promotional codes and value in%
- Managing promotions (discounts by product or category, coupon codes, flash sales)
- Promotions by brand
- Ability to easily integrate Google Analythics the tag in the back office
- Ability to manage the location of the modules from the back office
- Viewing the security level of password in the registration form
- Ability to utiliserles types of secure payment Paypal and Moneybookers / Skrill
- Ability to enable the module Butterflies to communicate directly with its customers and improve its conversion rate
- Explanations on the functioning of integrated back-office
- Attribute to prevent the director of a user registration
- Ability to allow registrants to fill in a field: "how did they know us?"
- Cleaning Tool directory thumbs
- Integrated management for the design and sending its newsletters
- Managing models via email administration
- Display a popup when additions to the product basket
- Possibility to have a graphic animation when adding a product to cart
- Ability to import and export its catalog. Csv format
- Ability to export a list of its users. Csv format
- Ability to update exchange rates with Google, Oanda and XE
- Possibility to choose between HTML editors including FCKEditor 4 to manage the contents of the site (product pages "windows" or areas html customizable)
- Possibility to have a "Glossary"
- Possibility to suspend the site via the administration

Product Management:

- Updating real-time product
- Unlimited number of products
- Number of categories and subcategories Unlimited
- Viewing of the sale price of a product (as well as the sale price and flash reseller price) in HT or TTC depending on the configuration of the store
- Possibility to place the categories and products from the back office
- Ability to disable a product without deleting the profile
- Choice between several system zooms highlighting the picture of your products
- Management attributes "color" and "size" for product info
- Management of the display of images produced by color
- Ability to create any number of other attributes "options"
- Ability to customize products with specific attributes (text / uploaded file)
- Possibility to choose the display attributes for radio button or menu select
- Possibility to display the price per kilo or liter
- Opportunity to showcase products on the home page of the site
- Management of the environmental tax
- Management of a brand / product
- Search by brand
- Management of discounts / product
- Ability to manage its discount in% or €
- Possibility of multiple pictures per product
- Display of recently visited products
- Promotion of products through the modules "Best sellers" and "Headlines"
- Possibile to make cross-selling
- Possibility to replace the prize by the inclusion of quotations in the data sheets
- Entry of a notice for a product from the site administration
- To allow an administrator to view a product, category, article, section off
- Ability to embed videos in Youtube or Dailymotion Product Pages
- Ability to manage tabs Product Pages
- Possibility to choose between three types of zoom (jQZoom, cloud zoom and lightbox) for product info
- Ability to present different images depending on the choice of colors

Management charges:

- Ability to have multiple type of shipment (Colissimo built by default)
- Ability to offer shipping to customers
- Calculation of shipping based on weight or the total amount of the order
- Calculation of shipping depending on delivery area
- Calculation of shipping depending on the type of delivery (nb Unlimited)
- Ability to exempt shipping when ordering over N products

Order Management:

- Warning order confirmation email and the customer
- Ability for the customer to follow an order via colissimo
- Saving accounts receivable and opportunity for consultation on each sheet
- Detailed overview of customer orders per customer
- Issue invoices and delivery notes in PDF format
- Can the customer to find his orders from their account
- Can the vendor to change the terms of sale
- Ability to offer its customers partial payments
- Ability to view the PDF invoices from the order history
- Ability to set a minimum order required

The published PEEL SHOPPING versions were:
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.3.0 released on 16-11-2020
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.2.2 released on 21-11-2019
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.2.1 released on 12-04-2019
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.2.0 released on 20-03-2019
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.1.1 released on 18-12-2018
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.1.0 released on 10-09-2018
- PEEL SHOPPING 9.0.0 released on 29-01-2018
- PEEL SHOPPING 8.0.5 released on 04-18-2017
- PEEL SHOPPING 8.0.4 released on 07-11-2016
- PEEL SHOPPING 8.0.3 released on 05-25-2016
- PEEL SHOPPING 8.0.2 released on 01-11-2016
- PEEL SHOPPING 8.0.1 released on 09/11/2015
- PEEL SHOPPING 8 released on 13/10/2015
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.2.1 released on 02/12/2015
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.2.0 released on 12/09/2014
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.1.4 released on 01/14/2014
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.1.3 released on 12/30/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.1.2 released on 20/12/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.1.1 released on 05/12/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.1 released on 26/11/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.0.4 released on 09/05/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.0.3 released on 06/12/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.0.2 released on 04/06/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.0.1 released on 03/11/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 7.0 released on 02/18/2013
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.4.2 released on 09/12/2012
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.4.1 released on 07/09/2012
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.4 released on 05/23/2012
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.3 released on 12/12/2011
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.2 released on 07/27/2011
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.1 released on 05/04/2011
- PEEL SHOPPING 6.0 released on 01/03/2011
- PEEL SHOPPING 5.7 released on 06/17/2010
- PEEL SHOPPING 5.6 released on 02/18/2010
- PEEL SHOPPING 5.5 released on 11/02/2009

tableau comparatif ecommerce PEEL
Hosting (3 month offered)      
Online catalogue      
Display of the selling price of a product (Flash sales prices and resellers prices) incl VAT or excl. VAT depending on the store configuration      
Installation of your online store      
Management of VAT rates and other taxes      
Products update in real time      
Unlimited number of products      
Unlimited number of rubriques      
BtoB Module : Possibility to sell a products at different rates than the retail price      
Alphabetical classification or personalized classification of categories, sub-categories and products      
Ability to sell downloadable files (mp3, photos, PDF, ZIP videos)      
Ability to disable a product without deleting it from the back office      
Not available product mangement and information about their availability      
Transfer and automatic resizing of images on the server      
Magic zoom to highlight your product's pictures      
Possibility to have several pictures for one product      
Display management of product pictures by colors      
Ability to add options to various products. Options management with an impact on prices.      
Option "forward the page to a friend" on every product pages      
Option "give your opinion" on every product pages      
Option « memory reminder » on every product pages      
Upscale text editor to describe your products      
Automatic price updates range by range      
Text and products disposal management on the home page      
Possibility to put links towards others websites      
Implementation of promotions article by article      

Implementation of promotions by categories

Discount mangement according to quantities      
Price display according to weight (Kg) and volume (L)      
Cross-selling module and complementary products suggestions      
Inventory management by color and size criterias      
2 languages available: French and English- for other languages please contact us      
Possibility to offer the shipping costs      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total weight of the order      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the total amount of the order      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery area      
Shipping costs calculation in accordance with the delivery method (Unlimited number)      
Possibility to offer the shipping costs if the order encompasses more than N products      
Reception of automatic email after orders and confirmation to clients      
Possibility for the client to follow an order via colissimo      
Client accounts back up and the possibility of consulting each record      
Detailed overview of each customer orders      
Back up copy of customers orders on the server      
Automatic notification when the order status of a customer changes      
Invoices and delivery notes edition in PDF format      
Possibility for the customer to find his orders from his account      
Ability to create order from the administrative interface      
Orders recovery system when there is no return of the banking system      
Possibility to edit the terms of sale from the back office      
Content management module      
Contact form generator      
FAQ module      
Content export to major price comparison website      
Analysis tools for turn over evolution and repartition      
Advanced tools for SEO: meta tags management, Sitemap for Google and Yahoo      
URL rewriting      
Affilition management module      
Sponsorship module      
Promotional codes generation module in % and value      
Discount management by products      
Discount management by product groups      
Discount management by customers      
Discount management by customer groups      
Gift points management      
Loyalty gift cards (promotional codes in value)      
Flash sales      
Advertizing banners management      
Unlimited content pages creation      

The features integrated into the PEEL SHOPPING 9 solution, sold without hosting and requiring computer development skills, is marketed under the name PREMIUM module  at a fixed rate of 195 € excl. VAT.

The version including a substantial support from us, such as a training session on how to use PEEL software, the integration of credit card payment interface and Paypal, hosting and domain name booking is commercialized under the name SERENITY pack at a fied rate of 695 € excl. VAT.

You can also, if you want, choose to use an existing graphic webdesign (you already have, you are able to make, or that you you have bought on a specialized website) and still benefit from our ecommerce solution by paying the graphic integration of that specific design for a total price of 1 290 excl. VAT (standard design) or 1 490 excl. VAT (upscale design).

Finallly, we offer a SERENITY pack version that includes a tailored graphic design conception for a total price of 1 995  € excl. VAT (standard graphic creation) or 2 485 € excl. VAT (upscale graphic creation).

This document is an extension of Terms of Use presented on

PEEL SHOPPING is subject to GPL licenses

By downloading or using only PEEL SHOPPING, the user agrees to accept a GPL v3 license for the software PEEL SHOPPING and any additional module, under the conditions of Advisto SAS, editors of the site and software.

GPL stands for "General Public License", an open-source license which is one of the world most famous this day and ages. It protects users to whom it gives the right to change the open source code they have received for free. It protects the publisher, SAS Advisto, and prevents other companies to arrogate the copyrights on this code and amendments to this code:  any modification made to PEEL SHOPPING code must also be subject to a GPL license.


The authentic version of the license is in English:
You can read an indicative French version below:

License explanation:

PEEL is free software licensed under GPL, also known in French GNU General Public License. This license guarantees the following freedoms:

- The freedom to install and use PEEL for any purpose whatsoever;

- The freedom to study the functioning of PEEL and adapt the source code to your own needs directly since PEEL is fully programmed in PHP;

- The freedom to distribute copies to anyone, as long as you do not alter or remove the license;

- The freedom to improve PEEL source codes and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community can benefit from it, as long as you do not alter or remove the license.

Note for Internet providers:

If your business brings you to distribute PEEL SHOPPING under a commercial form, you must clearly indicate the source of PEEL.FR program to provide access to sources of PEEL to all your users. You are free to decide whether you want to share the improvements you have maid or not, even if it would help everyone to save time in its development.

Do not confuse free software and public domain software.

The interest of the GPL (free software license) is to ensure non-forfeiture of the software, as oppossed to a public domain software that can be converted into proprietary software. You benefit from the freedoms here above in respect of the GPL license, especially if you redistribute or if you change PEEL, however you can not apply a license that would contradict the GPL (for example, who would give rights to others to modify the source code or redistribute the modified source code)

Practical Notes:

Knowing that PEEL is provided and distributed for free by his authors, they offer no guarantee whatsoever about the use you make of it.

You can use PEEL for any activity (including personal, professional or commercial). You are free to determine the remuneration of your services if necessary, add to your service a contract with a form of guarantee for the service provided, but again, your contract should not interfere with the GPL license attached to PEEL (for example, you can not forbid your client to modify the software).

This program is free : you can redistribute it and / or modify it under the provisions of the GNU General Public License  version 3  as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For details, see the GNU General Public License.

A copy of the GNU General Public License must be provided with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation Inc.., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


For any reproduction of the contents in a magazine or a book published under paper or electronic form, you can contact us via our contact form or +33 (0)


Warning: PEEL GPL only covers the free version anyone can download.

If you want to distribute our solutions or modules PEEL, please contact our reseller program.