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Graphic creation

999,00 excl. VAT

Having a state-of-the-art graphic design for you website is vitally important for the attractiveness of a commercial website!

Because competition is becoming stronger on the worldwide web in general and especially in the world of Ecommerce, it becomes imperative to maximize your chance of selling. Our tailored graphic design creation offers are made to help you sell.

PEEL now offers tailored graphic design services that allow you to customise completely your PEEL SHOPPING online store in responsive design.  At the end of your order, we deliver a complete PSD file that allows you to proceed with the the graphic integration of your state-of-art graphic design on your online store.

Your graphic design really builds up your website atmosphere, gives it coherence and credibility. The graphic charter provides the users with points of reference on the website, thus facilitating his visit. The visual coherence provided by your graphic design has a substantial impact in terms of ergonomics. It makes it easier to the use the website because it simplifies the navigation, it favours access to informaiton and accustomed the users to a stracture that repeats itself throughout the pages.

A tailored graphic design helps defining the following points:

- The size of pages and the zoning of different contents
- The navigation principles, zone description for every page types as well as the layout of various elements
- The colors with the hexadecimal code expressed in this form (#000000 for black for instance) for the background, titles, texts,links, active links, visited links, buttons and bullets
- The font style to use for text (Family, size, color, etc.)
- The types of images, formats, size, etc...
- The different media used: video, audio, flash animations, etc.

There are two types of tailored graphic design:

- Standard graphic design for 799 EUR excl VAT: Non-complex graphic design with a structure thats corresponds to certain types of structures as defined below:

- Upscale graphic design for 1 499 EUR excl. VAT: elaborate graphic design not necessarily structured according to standards as defined here above.

For more information and define the offer that best suits your needs do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) 1 75 43 67 97 or via our contact form.

- Header customization
- Buttons customization
-  Menus customization
- Bottom of the page customization
- Home page of your ecommerce store customization
- Catalog pages (product listing)
- Product informations customization
- Cart customization
- Favicon

- Your logo
- Color Cast
- FTP Settings