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Features of PEEL SHOPPING with PEEL Premium module

Find below the list of features offered by the ecommerce software PEEL SHOPPING with the PEEL Premium module:

General features:

- Interface to secure administrator to manage all aspects of the online shop
- Updated in real time products
- Unlimited number of articles
- Unlimited number of topics
- Catalogue products (or services) unlimited
- Content Management System built (admin)
- Manage multiple VAT rates
- Virtual Caddie allows visitors to add or remove products from their cart
- Viewing of the sale price of a product (and the price and sale price dealer flash) in HT or taxes depending on the configuration of the store
- Alphabetic or custom of families, subfamilies and products
- Ability to disable a product without deleting the file
- Choice between multiple system zooms highlighting the photo of your articles
- Possibility of multiple images per product
- Management of product criteria default color and size
- Create an unlimited number of criteria
- Management of the display of images produced by color
- Management of the text page and selecting the products to highlight
- Ability to display the price per kilo or liter
- Operates in consumer (B2C) and pro mode (B2B)
- Ability to sell downloadable files (mp3, photos, PDF, ZIP videos)
- Management of the non-available information on the next available
- Transfer and automatic image resizing on the server
- Set images and thumbnails
- Display of best sellers, new products, promotions
- Article Options customizable. Management options with an impact on prices.
- Function "Comment" on each item description
- Function "WISH" on each item description
- Editor evolved to capture the description of articles
- Update prices automatically adjustable range by range
- Ability to make links to other sites
- Development of promotions, article by article
- Setting up promotions by product line
- Management of discounts based on quantities
- Game Statistics as a ratio of sales
- Module cross-selling and suggestion of articles in the cards articles
- Inventory management criteria by color & size
- Inventory management with or without replenishment
- Several levels of criteria: color, with the possibility of tailoring prices on the criteria
- Alert administrator and customer alert on non-stock
- 2 languages: French, English - for other languages ​​contact us
Management of shipping costs:

- Ability to offer shipping to customers
- Calculate shipping based on total weight of the order
- Calculate shipping costs based on the total amount of the order
- Calculate shipping costs based on delivery zone
- Calculate shipping cost depending on the type of delivery (nb Unlimited)
- Possibility to exempt shipping when ordering more than N products
Management of orders:

- Warning order confirmation via email and the customer
- Possibility for the customer to follow an order via colissimo
- Saving accounts receivable and the possibility of consulting each record
- Detailed view of customer orders per customer
- Issue of invoices and delivery notes in PDF format
- Can the customer to find his orders from their account
- Can the vendor to change the terms of sale
- Backup commands on the server
- Automatic notification to the customer's change of status of his order
- Create commands from the administrative interface
- System recovery orders for non return of the banking system
Advanced features:

- Customer Relationship Management module
- Content Management Module
- Search Engine
- Management of environmental tax
- Management of a brand / product
- Module for generating promotional codes and value in%
- Promotion Management
- Management of discounts / product
- Brand Management
- Create unlimited content pages
- Contact Form Generator
- FAQ Module
- Module Export to "Expeditor"
- Management of various taxes (VAT) for different products
- Export of content to major price comparison
- Tools for analysis of the distribution and evolution of the turnover
- Advanced Tools for SEO: management of meta tags, XML sitemap for Google and Yahoo
- URL rewriting
- Have customer value
- Management Module affiliations
- Module sponsorship
- Management of promotional codes
- Management of promotions per product per customer
- Management of discounts and value in% / product group
- Management of discounts and value in% / client
- Management of discounts and value in% / client group
- Management of gift points
- Loyalty vouchers (coupon code = value provided)
- Flash sales date to date
- Search Engine simple and advanced (Boolean search)
- Management of banner ads

You can access the documentation of functional PEEL SHOPPING order to account for the ease of use of its administrative interface.

Test our ecommerce software in real time ecommerce module PEEL PEEL SHOPPING + Premium from our demo website and access to its administrative interface with the following identifiers:
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