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Regarding the safety of PEEL SHOPPING:

- Special attention was paid to the security of our hosting: PHP in CGI, use suhosin, protection against other CGI, secure the / tmp partition on virtual firewall CSF + LDF, double anti-rootkit chkrootkit and rkhunter, and detailed monitoring of the server.

- PEEL SHOPPING ecommerce software has several protections:
. to avoid SQL injections, the data is converted to the expected format and protected in the state of the art with mysql_real_escape_string when it's not about numbers
. XSS injections are subject to protection in the forms of administration by the use of token linked to the user, the referer page and use time-limited
. downloads are secured to prevent downloading PHP files on the server by a user and a second component of protection prevents the execution of PHP files in the directories of images. htaccess
. access to the administration by a user triggers an email to all directors with reference to the IP connection to identify whether an account is used to abnormally
. the confirmation of payments by banks are audited to prevent a client to believe an actual payment if it is not the case.

For questions about this aspect of our software PEEL SHOPPING, please contact us on +33 (0)1 75 43 67 97 or via our contact form.