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49,00 excl. VAT

To schedule tasks in a planned and automatic cron intrégrez this module to your shop!

This module allows you to manage cron tasks more efficiently than is possible linux only.

A single cron job must be created with linux to run a PHP file, which will see a database and managing the launches of tasks.

This allows:
- Manage multiple executions in step with temporary stopping and restarting safeguarding information processed last id.
- To manage the restart of a task when stopping for some unknown reason, for example a server reboot.
- Manage schedules by day, hour, frequency, and taking into account the actual hours of the end of execution: if a task takes a long time, no risk it restarts again in parallel with an old design (which is a defect of the traditional use of cron).
- You can view the latest results of tasks performed and the start time and end the task.

The data table used by this module to manage directly in phpmyadmin.

This module is intended for experienced developers.

If we install it, we set the data based scripts you want to run, and modify these scripts to make them compatible.