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You want to geotag your clients? This module is for you!

Geolocation by IP address is used to determine the geographical location of your users based on their IP address.
IP addresses are managed by IANA, an organization that works to cut blocks of IP addresses available and distribute a very controlled manner to countries that request. All these functions are well documented, it is possible to know which country is a terminal connected to the Internet through its IP address.

As the list of distributed IP service providers is changing rapidly, you can easily update the data file from Maximind reference, which is the leader in this field:

You can update their database countries replacing the version in the module geolocation PEEL, and it will make the correspondence between the database and the list of countries PEEL SHOPPING.

Calls to modules in préimplémentés editing user administration PEEL SHOPPING.
You can also call in a few lines this module for your own developments by calling:

  include($GLOBALS['dirroot'] . '/modules/geoip/class/geoIP.php');
  $geoIP = new geoIP();
  $country_detected = $geoIP->geoIPCountryIDByAddr($frm['user_ip']);
  if (!empty($country_detected)) {